Mechanical Engineering

Our engineering team integrates mechanical analysis with our other key disciplines to ensure the projects goals are delivered from the outset, from the source.

We make the difference in our work, considering the engineering, economics, materials, feasibility, operations, ergonomics and marketplace suitability of the product or problem – there is never just one thing to consider and our multi-disciplinary approach identifies the key strands and takes them task.
Key Services We Offer
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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Hydraulic design and analysis
Machinery and production
Process equipment
CE Marking
Dynamic optimisation of machines, processes and controls
Process and power optimisation
Plant and pipework
Scrubbers, ducting
Pressure vessels and tanks
A Frames, LARS, hose reels/ drums and deck mounted equipment
Design and analysis of cranes on fixed and floating vessels
Ergonomic design